Pastry Practice #1

When I started baking, I had Bake Happy to get me through recipes and substitutions of ingredients that weren’t available in the local market. Would you believe I made (and still make) my red velvet cupcakes with Yakult?

While Aiko solved my newbie questions, I still had a problem. Our oven wasn’t working. Who in the right mind would think about baking and not have an oven, right? But what do they say? “When in doubt, Google?”

And so I did. I found out that you can actually bake with a turbo broiler. I just had to adjust either the temperature or the baking time.


So as not to be confused, I just adjust the temperature and subtract 25℃. That was the major rule. So from 175℃, I would usually set it to 150℃.

The downside with turbo baking is that the glass pot is not that big. It can fit a nine-inch pan. It can also fit a six-piece muffin pan. But you cannot put two baking tins because the one at the bottom will not be cooked. I think because the top part hold back the air that circulates inside.

It is not recommended if you plan on feeding a hoard of zombies. Ha ha ha! But it is perfect for those, “I’m so hungry, nothing tastes sweet in this freaking house!” kind of moments.

During one hot Sunday afternoon, I felt that way. (Yep, this post had been here since May 24. I forgot about it completely!) My mom brought home a lot of muffin and cupcake/cake mixes from the States. From Duncan Hines to Betty Crocker to Pillsbury, to ready-made frosting and whipping cream, that was why I didn’t need to buy anything anymore.

First, I gathered what’s needed. And laid them flat on our table for this blog. This is a necessity, isn’t it? ;)


Love the lighting in our (second) dining table!!

And then I poured the mix.


Added 1/4 cup oil…


An egg…


and then, 3/4 cup water. It was supposed to be milk but I had none so I put water.


I folded everything in because stirring using a whisker was such a job… (UGH)


until it was smooth. Don’t worry about those little lumps, those are the apples. The house smelled so good even before I put this in.


Most of the time, I use an ice cream scoop to measure the batter. But this one, I just settled with the 1/8 cup that was already on the table.


I baked for 10-15 minutes until the toothpick was clean after inserting it into the middle of the muffin.


The lighter in color is cranberry orange. The other one is cinnamon apple. It tasted good even without the milk. But of course, it would have been much better with it. Just like the other muffins I baked prior to this.

The family loved it and we ate these as our merienda. It’s Sunday tomorrow, maybe you can try making this one too, yes?


How about you, do you like baking as well? What’s your favorite pastry? :)

I’m on snapchat, @Jjaamiiee!

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