Struggles of a Night Person Who Loves Sleeping

As a kid, I loved sleeping and waking up early. That meant me getting to see my fave cartoons and having taho. I loved going out of the room and seeing the light pass through our door from the terrace and embracing me, as if giving me warmth. I still love the rays of the sun until now.


That changed when the internet came into my life. I’ve been virtually living on this world for 12 years now. I was one of the pioneers of Friendster, even Facebook. Remember ISP Bonanza? Remember how you hated when someone picked up the phone because you get disconnected every time? I was so fond of it because it gave me free internet access in the wee hours of the night. That triggered my so-called insomnia.


I traded sleep with the internet. I went through Friendster and Multiply, searched for cute wallpapers, edited pictures. It was also a factor that my best friend left for Canada and the time difference is 12 hours. We chatted through Yahoo! Messenger and would take pictures through our webcams, putting the windows side by side to make it “look” like we were in one place; eventually it turned into voice calls.

That started my “journey” as a night person. I am awake mostly in the evening until dawn. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like sleeping because I do! And that is also why I wake up late.


My brain won’t function as better in the afternoon but whenever it is the perfect time to hit the sack, I come up with these bright ideas and get this itchy feeling to do it. Regardless of what they are.

So let me tell you how this works and what it feels like. (And how to hopefully stay away from deprivation because it is counterproductive.)

1. Believe me, I tried fixing my sleeping pattern but it just doesn’t work.

There was a time in my life, the very recent one, when I was awake for 36 hours straight because of one thing: I CANNOT SLEEP. I wasn’t even doing anything the night before, only tossing and turning in bed. To add to that, my friend Clauii and I were due to go to a company to follow-up for internship. We initially planned on going to two but because I already felt like I was floating, we decided to just go home in the afternoon. Upon arriving, I felt so alive and super hyper. I thought, “fine, okay! I’ll just sleep in the evening so my body clock goes back to normal.” But boy was I wrong! You know what time I finally dozed off? One freaking AM.

2. Morning classes?


I had a night schedule during my first year in college. When I shifted courses, I was lucky to have had the chance to create my own schedule. But because it is inevitable to not get an earlier class due to conflict of subjects, I enrolled in one or two. 9AM is already early for me, what more 7AM!! LOL. I almost received an FA for one class. Phew! Thank God it’s done!

 3. People waking me up in the morning for non-life and death situations.

I’m just exaggerating. I hate it when my mother wakes me up just to ask for her brow makeup that I borrowed. (Okay maybe I am the problem, I should have given it back to her.)awake

4. “You’re the only kid I know who sleeps this late.” —my Mom

Uhm, Ma, I am the only teen (post-teen, alright!) here in this house. Most of my friends tweet, like, share, post in the wee hours of the night as well. You just don’t see them  because 1) we don’t live with them and 2) you’re not friends with them. Okay? Okay.

5. Exams tomorrow and because I’m a night person, I can do an all-nighter.

NOT TRUE. I don’t get it why I get really, really sleepy whenever I attempt to study. But whenever my phone lights up, it goes away. Really self, really?!


6. Coffee works…

During times I don’t need to sleep late. And coffee doesn’t work at all when I need it the most. (P.S. This is just me.)

7. Food schedule gets ruined too.

My lunch becomes my breakfast; my merienda is my lunch. Dinner is to merienda; as to midnight snack is to dinner. You know the drill.

8. It’s an insult to have been told to sleep earlier than your “usual” sleeping time.

I tried reading and watching a movie, which both makes me sleepy in the afternoon. DIDN’T WORK. My mother tells me to pray when I can’t sleep and I don’t see the logic in there. What if God wants me to stay awake because I need to think about an important issue in my life, or to ponder on life itself?!

9. You think about sleeping pills but too scared you might oversleep or not wake up at all.

My friend suggested Sleepasil, which is 100% natural. My first two tries, it was successful. I took two tablets each night and I would wake up happy and feeling positive about life; even if it meant me leaving the bed early. But after those, it didn’t to its job anymore.


So the next time you see somebody groggy or if you know somebody who’s exactly like me, be supportive of them. Don’t ask them why. Just be there for them. Hahahaha!

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18 thoughts on “Struggles of a Night Person Who Loves Sleeping

  1. Yes to being nocturnal, but hell no to 7:30am classes. During the summer, I was getting used to sleeping so late then waking up early. Now that it’s mid-semester, I am still battling with having a hard time sleeping early. Then I always go to school wasted and a zombie pro. And yes, I can understand the struggle in dealing the right time for meals. Only that I usually eat two meals per day, either I eat breakfast or lunch and then dinner. So, I blame myself. I don’t have any control for it lol


  2. I also have self-diagnosed insomnia. Thank God my work lets me start my shift at 2pm. When I mentioned to my boyfriend that I am thinking of taking sleeping pills, you know what he said? “Maybe try getting off the internet.” LOL


  3. I’m also a night person! I hate mornings. Don’t be happy and perky all up on my face at 8am, I don’t have the patience hahaha.

    It was hard when I started work at 7am! I still stayed up super late. I just took naps in the afternoon. Funny thing was, I was super productive when I had a biphasic sleep pattern. I go home from work, take a nap, then wake up with enough energy to do chores, exercise, and do side projects.


  4. I prefer staying up late, too, but I can’t anymore because WORK. Try drinking sleepytime tea or chamomile tea and see if it works. It’s a hit or miss for me. I also try not to take Sleepasil during weekdays because I might oversleep haha.


  5. I can totally relate, especially during those times that I was unemployed. But eventually, since work is exhausting and the commute is also another story, I now find myself sleeping soundly whenever I lay in bed. I guess what you could do is to get away from your phone by the time that you hit the bed, and have those eye masks. It helps a lot when you block off the light! :) And exercise also works wonders.

    Good luck Jamie!


  6. This is literally me. I always say that I’m gonna pull an all-nighter when there are exams the next day but I end up waking up late and having no time to study at all! hahahaha


  7. ALL POINTS ARE SO TRUE. I can definitely relate! These days though I am trying to get off the internet as much as I can and have quality time with myself. Haha. I hate 7:30am classes! I currently have one now, and it’s my major (Programming) and I usually arrive in class 2 FREAKING HOURS late because of traffic aaaand because I didn’t have the joy in me to wake up early.


  8. I can totally relate! I am also a night owl since I was in kinder. My parents always put me on the afternoon class because I find it hard to wake up at 7am, that stayed until college. I tried fixing my sleeping patterns, but I ended up not getting enough sleep. Good thing, my office offers flexitime, I could go to work on 2pm until 12mn! Yay!


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