Friday’s 10 Happy Things: Keeping Up

Skipped a couple of Friday Happy Things but I’m back to writing again!!

I really don’t know why I keep having writer’s block when I have so much topic in mind. What’s happening life?

But lets skip that and lets just list down 10 awesome things about this week (and a few from the other ones)!

  1. I saw Gerald Anderson, Enrique Gil, Enchong Dee, Liza Soberano, and a lot of good-looking celebrities in one week. Our office is just above the dressing rooms of ABS and gahhh the fangirl in me is so happy. Liza is officially my girl crush.
  2. Getting my works published on the website! I have so much to learn still but I’m just grateful I see what I wrote on a legit website, it makes my heart happy. (This blog is legit, but that’s legit legit! HAHAHA!)
  3. Trying out Coffee Tea and Symphony’s Mint Mocha! I love anything mint chocolatey!
  4. Awkward’s teaser is making me sad and happy both at the same time. I’m excited to watch them again but dreading to do so as well because it means I have lesser and lesser episodes to watch.
  5. Getting offered free hosting! Nakakahiya but who can’t resist? Huhu. #torn
  6. Fighting my fear of asking (something about rejection) information about the restaurants I’m writing about. And taking snaps of the places! (The banner is a photo I shot at D’Cream Coffee and Tea.) Oooh productivity! (These are mostly writing bla bla, I know.)
  7. Writing this in the middle of another article I’m working on. Hahahaha! (What is procrastinator!)
  8. Finding out there are other free downloadable filters for VSCo. Hello HB2!Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 5.43.42 PM
  9. Finding out I can purchase other paid filters of VSCo through my Globe plan. This one’s really tempting! But before I do that, I think I should pay my P400 extra internet unbilled charges. Lagot ako kay Mama! Hahahaha!
  10. Having another post! Because the last one was days ago.

Yayyy weekend!

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