Faraway Friday: Flying Back Home

Note: Video at the end of this post.

A year ago, you would likely see me enjoying the company of my grade school friends Christian and Kim. In fact, the primary reason why I have Blogs>Diary Entry>FRIENDS under my menu is because they are constantly with me, whether it’s a fancy dinner or even our favorite isaw and the likes. But as they say, nothing is permanent in this world and Christian went to the states for good. (Click the comment section to read my long ass message lol)

On the day he left, I cried so much that I ended up looking like a red tomato and my eyes were all puffy. I was so sad that I didn’t get to hug him for one last time. Our village was just five minutes away from their subdivision but it was raining so hard. The lightning and thunder didn’t help and even scared the hell out of me. A few days after that, I remember getting really sad while on my way home because I thought about eating out and inviting him and Kim; he was already so far away.

Fast forward to today, I would see him on Snapchat in L.A. or San Diego one day and another in Hong Kong. But imagine to our surprise when he was suddenly back home!


AHHH! Reunited!

I first saw Christian post on Snapchat a video of parked airplanes—including a PAL one. I tried calming myself down. “It was just pure coincidence,” I thought to myself. A few hours after, he uploaded another one that was showing a certain airport and at the last frame, there was a freaking Jollibee statue!! He also snapped another one after that, which shows a hotel room and was captioned: Fairmont Hotel Makati.

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 5.09.15 AM

Had to screen cap because Kim is in private =))

I didn’t tell our whole barkada yet because I wanted a confirmation from him. So I went to Facebook and messaged Christian and Kim. He replied so late and finally said that he was definitely here but was leaving at 9PM the next day. I think we were fated to see him because it was Kim’s off from work that day.

We gathered with Christian and his friend at SM Makati. Jessica wasn’t available because of a meeting. The others were simply not replying. LOL. Our other grade school kabarkada Shiela had to see him ahead of us because she was already going home to get ready for Bohol. She even called to say not to laugh so much without her. Most of our conversations, if not all, are always funny and are filled with laughter.



It was just like old times, seeing them in a mall because it is where we usually hangout for food! Hahaha! Christian treated us to Max’s and we caught up with each other’s lives. Last time I got to be around Kim was December last year. So tagal! Our schedules never meet. Huhu.

Christian was here because it was also his day off and he had time (and money most definitely, but he didn’t say that hahaha!) to visit. And then he told us that the reason why he kept going back and forth to Hong Kong and LA was because he is officially a Cathay Pacific flight attendant. But the best thing about this is that he can go back again sooner that soon if time permits.



On our way to Fairmont Hotel, stopped for pictures HEH

Did I mention we were with him for only two hours? Bitin is not even enough to describe it but that’s so much better than not getting to hang out at all, right? I told him that if I had a car of my own, I could have gone to Makati in the middle of the night. But I don’t. Hahaha!

We walked our way to their hotel after visiting a couple of stores. Had a little chitchat at the lobby, reminiscing the good old times while taking pictures and videos. Waited for Christian’s brother to get there because he was to bring them to the airport. And then we hugged him good bye.





My two favorites <3


I must admit that I had a bit of a lump in my throat while saying good bye. Something I’ve blatantly been discussing here about departures. But I was so glad to see both of them after such a long time. A night before that, I was crying in bed because of countless reasons. I think I might have needed this break. And when I found out Christian was here, I felt so much better; after all this time, it was the familiarity I chose to embrace, it felt just the same—it felt like home once again.

A glimpse of what happened that day. Magisto is free but you only get up to 240p of quality so don’t watch it in full screen to not be disappointed. LOL

What can you say?

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