What On Earth: Let’s Play!

If games create something out of you, Sims 4 turns me into an architect.

I’ve been on and off this blog for a few months now. Usually having writer’s block, sometimes not having the eagerness to type, but most times getting lazy and just wanting to sleep. In between those, I play Sims 4.

I first saw the game through my ex-best friend in high school. There was one Friday when we went to her house, where they have an internet café, and played Sims 3. We never got to play the actual game because we got stuck in Create-A-Sim (CAS). I remember we tried recreating my then-crush’s face and failed miserably. By the time we were done, it was already dark and it was time for me to go home. When I decided to download the game a few years after, I got addicted to designing.

I love, love, love looking at houses. May it be real or the ones other Simmers make. Most times when I browse on Facebook or I stumble upon an article of a beautiful house, I screencap it. There was a time when my niece saw me looking at a website and then she said, “gagayahin mo rin yan sa Sims ‘no?”

Most of the houses that I designed in the game were inspired by the houses I saw. I even attempted to recreate the Dunphy’s house from Modern Family in Sims 3. I love their American home! (Oh, I’ll try that again in this new version.) This particular house that I made was inspired by this one I saw on Google: a combination of a classic but very modern home.


I ended up using the angled roof because 1) I like angled roof; and 2) there wasn’t an update yet at that time so half-walls and friezes weren’t available yet. I changed the wall colors as well.


I added those fountains afterwards because they look pretty. Hihi. Also, don’t mind the missing tile before the stairs. HAHAHA! (This angle makes the roof look so high.)


Backyard and swimming pool. Designed this myself because there was no other pictures of the real house above except for that one. Yep, the pool is elevated a little. ;)


How it looks at night. Isn’t it pretty? You should see them swimming!


Although I must admit that I lack landscaping.


There’s a bar with a sink and a grill.

I’m sorry the next photos weren’t angled properly. I still need to practice indoor photography in the game. ~so serious lol~


What will welcome you when you enter. Yes, that’s an iPad/tablet on the floor! Oh, my Sims!


The living room.


There was no chandelier that fit the theme of the house. Maybe I should get a custom content.


I like my living room spacious. “The living room, where no living ever occurred,” please remind me where I read this? That door leads to:


The comfort room which was missing clutter because I didn’t have enough money to purchase. LOL.


This “creation” room where two of my Sims needed computers (a writer and a tech guru) and one was a painter. His paintings mostly saved this house’s bills. Just one masterpiece gave them a thousand simoleons.



The kitchen, which was “hidden” (it’s behind the stairs) became big because one of them went on to work under the culinary track. She’s a mixologist.


The dining room which my Sims stopped using when I put another table outside. The kids and teens used this as their study table.

I didn’t get to take a photo of the five rooms, a walk-in closet, and three bathroom upstairs. Too bad this certain saved game disappeared.

YES! It is gone. *sad face*

My niece was playing her saved game and when I was about to load mine, it wasn’t there. I tried everything on the internet, didn’t work. Sayang yung oras na ginugol ko! Huhu.

I’ll just play with the new one I just made. Who knows, next time I might post another one with my new design.

P.S. I didn’t cheat. The money used were all blood, sweat and tears of my Sims. *wink wink*

HOW about you, what do you enjoy during your free time?

6 thoughts on “What On Earth: Let’s Play!

  1. You are SO good!! I was never able to do something like that back in my Sims-playing days hahahaha I never had the patience =))

    Now I want to download the damn game again. =))))


  2. That’s amazing. I never thought of searching ideas in google to create a house in Sims. I miss playing it. I never get bored playing it. I wish I could afford to buy a new laptop that could run the game smoothly. :(


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