September Favorites

I skipped June, July, and August favorites because I’m a failure like that. Hahahaha! Or maybe because I really have nothing favourable to talk about.

But I’m back to doing this again so let’s start:

1. This month’s TV!

Because most of my TV series (my?! Inangkin ko lang?) will premier their latest season this month! I’m talking about The Mindy Project (15), The Big Bang Theory (21), Modern Family (23), and How To Get Away With Murder (24)! Also excited for The Scream Queens! I love Emma Roberts ever since her Unfabulous days!

The next few month will be better because of iZombie (Oct 6), The Walking Dead (Oct 11), Mom (Nov 5). There are still no exact dates for 2 Broke Girls and New Girl. Lemme just share my dashboard! HAHAHA!

ETA: Is it just me or the first ep of HTGAWM season 2 is not very convincing? Something’s missing. Scream Queen was a-okay.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 7.24.25 AM

2. Garnier

My face is another story, another blog post to put it better. But I’ve tried Garnier a few years ago when I was breaking out because of sleep deprivation. And the dark spots didn’t just become less visible, they were gone completely. I was actually inspired by Clarisee of Non-Dream Girl to go back to taking care of my face because of her post. Even before buying the cream, I was already doing so by wearing less makeup (lip and cheek tint!!). Only, and only if I need to. I believe that somebody looks more beautiful with natural fair skin than having to cover up everything every freaking time. Makeup enhances not modifies.

3. Heneral Luna

Not a movie critic. So I’m leaving the technical stuff to those who are. But the movie was informative, beautiful, moving, an eye-opener, and a masterpiece. So proud that this is our entry to the Oscars!

I found through their Facebook fanpage that aside from Mon Confiado, Alex Medina and Archie Alemania were outside the theatre as well after we watched.

Also, let me leave this link right here: SA MGA NAKAPANOOD NA NG HENERAL LUNA: NAPANSIN NIYO BA?

4. BH Cosmetics 14-piece Signature Brush

I was set on buying the Real Techniques set because it had so many good reviews, even my friends recommended it. But Corinth of Explore with Corinth mentioned BH Cosmetics. I didn’t even know this exists before that. I looked up their website and they have so many sets. I swear the buffing brush sealed the deal for me. Did I also mention how sophisticated the holder of the brushes is? It is cheap in the States but I bought it from a local Instagram seller so obviously it’s pricey. I got it for Php 1,600. Lastly, I kept saying I bought this when in fact it was a late birthday gift from ate and tita Eb. Yayyy!

What about you? What kept you excited and thrilled this past month?

8 thoughts on “September Favorites

  1. WOW. You take your series seriously. I love how you organized the shows in post-its and you even have world clocks. I haven’t organized anything like that in my life before. :’)

    Btw, I follow ‘TBBT’ and ‘2BG.’ :)


  2. I have yet to catch up with Big Bang Theory! Ugh I miss it. I also haven’t watched Heneral Luna huhu because I was jampacked the entire semester!!!! Gosh I really, really regret it. Now I’m leaning towards reading its synopsis and the likes since it’s not showing in cinemas anymore, I think.

    Also, I’m interested with that brushes! Where did you buy it on insta, if you don’t mind me asking? :)


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