What On Earth #3: BLACK HOLE

I’ve been trying to go back to writing these past few weeks but I just can’t grasp the right words to say.

I want to blog about my Silantro experience courtesy of Jec and my Milky & Sunny visit with Joycee but I feel like talking about them is getting away from what I’m feeling right now.

It’s like putting up a wall and painting it with so many happy colors but not really being that. I’m not happy or excited with life right now. Nothing unsual. Still in this goddam black hole.

I know, so easy to say that you gotta help your self out but sometimes you yourself is the main reason while everything doesn’t seem right.

You know, I really just had to put it our here. So that I won’t look like I’m happy. Just that. Only that.

Also because I don’t get much traffic so I’m confident enough not everyone will care.

I’ll probably start writing about the restaurants after posting this.

I’m so weird.

What can you say?

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