Rave Review: Silantro

Dramatically gorging on a burrito but secretly hating the smell of the place because it reeks? Yep, that’s me.

I love all sorts of food; may it be Filipino, American, Japanese, or Korean. But I’m very picky when it comes to the odor of it. That’s why sometimes, I’m hesitant to try something when it stinks. Example: tagilo (or buro to non-Kapampangan), is fermented rice often mixed with a few shrimps or fish. I swore when I was young not to eat it. Later in life, I got curious and finally had it with fried tilapia. It was the best! It was so much better than calamansi and bagoong.

And then here comes Mexican food. It smells horrible, right? But it’s one of the glorious things life is offering. (I saw on Buzzfeed just now the 25 Things You’ll See In Every Mexican Kitchen, and we’re similar to them because you know why.)

I went out one night to eat out at Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina in Kapitolyo courtesy of my college friend Jec. She came home for a vacation because she’s been travelling the world as a flight attendant. She’s currently based in the middle East and we rarely get to see her so we grabbed the opportunity. And duh, who says no to free food? Ha ha ha!

My other college kabarkada Lis with her boyfriend TJ


Beef Nachos (Php 180)

We already ate some of it before I took a picture. But it was plenty and the toppings were too. Other nachos usually have more chips but this wasn’t like that making it good for sharing!

Lis and I both had this Silantro’s Burrito (Php 180)

We were laughing so hard because the burrito was wrapped as if it didn’t want to be eaten.

Despite the struggle to unwrap the burrito, it was a nice view to behold. And the way it looked wasn’t the only thing that had me happy dancing in my head—it was what’s inside. Some other burritos have theirs with more rice. This was meatier than rice-r. (WHAT HAHAHA!) I love such things but can you believe I only finished 3/4 of this seven-inch heaven on Earth?

TJ’s Mexican Rib-Eye (Php 660)

I was initially planning to order this one but I thought about ordering something with rice because it was dinner time and I wasn’t used to not eating rice. (#thisiswhyIamfat. Also, #asianproblems) I had a bit of the meat but it was too salty for me. TJ, on the other hand, said it wasn’t that bad and actually liked it.

Silantro’s Paella Fajita Mix which was Jec and Gab’s order (Php 250)

I didn’t get to try this paella but Jec said it was delicious. I got confused with it though because there were so many things happening! LOL

Gab, Jec’s boyfriend who she just introduced; Jec; and Jec’s friends from Music, Vern and Pachie were there too!

I read somewhere that the restaurant is jam-packed most of the time so you better have a table reserved rather than going straight there. I believe Jec had a reservation for us.

The only thing I didn’t like about them is that they ran out of fruit shakes immediately. I ordered mango after Jec did but I was served first. (Or maybe it was for her, hahaha!) And then we were told that the flavors Lis, TJ, and Jec wanted were’t available anymore. And then we were approached again that their second choice wasn’t available either. Uhm, really, you guys?

But nevertheless, they were good staff who were answering to our inquiries and were very friendly and welcoming. They responded to our requests right away.

We were suddenly photographed by Gab while taking a selfie that’s why my hand was like that. Ha ha ha!

Cheese!!! (Too bad Orange, Preets, and Mar weren’t available that night.)

Thanksie, Maria Jerica Maxima! <3


Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina

75 East Capitol Dr, Pasig, Metro Manila

2 thoughts on “Rave Review: Silantro

  1. Hi there! It’s my first time to be here at your blog.
    Looks like I will recommend Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina to my friends. We also like to pig out and try something new. Thanks for your review.

    That burrito looks delicious and I havent tried burrito in my whole life (im missing out a bit haha)
    I bet their milkshakes is also delicious because most of their shakes is unavailable. hmm



    • Hello! Thank you for being here. Heehee! You really are missing in life because of the lack of burrito LOLJK. The fruit shakes are not that bad but they’re not really the best. Don’t forget to order the nachos btw! :)


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