Friday’s 10 Happy Things: Love, love, love

Joining again for this week’s! I have 29 minutes! LOL.

  1. Teaching my niece how to edit a video, subscribe to her here:
  2. Finally having my mind off of things that are so unnecessary, I don’t even know why I’m so concerned.
  3. Getting to eat that Texas burger from Big Bad Burger here in our city. You don’t really need to go that far to eat out, there are so many sprouting restaurants and food joints here in Valenzuela.
  4. Because of those, I got published!! I wrote this article: 6 places to hang out in Valenzuela for internship and it was the first time that I saw my name as a byline!!
  5. Eating espasol from Batangas! (Puro pagkain ‘no? LOL)
  6. My sister talking to Mama again. Love, love, love!
  7. The cute filters on Snapchat is working on my phone now. Although, I can’t really take a video using it; only a picture. I’ll my hands on an iPhone soon, I promise! LOL
  8. Christmas party prep with grade school friends. I really like being around people I miss and catching up with them. Let’s not forget receiving gifts. *wink*
  9. Letting go of my fear of the aperture. I once experimented with that part of my camera and I realized that shallow depth of field is beautiful but sometimes it isn’t that fitting for the situation.
  10. Just writing this makes me happy. ;) ;)


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