About Me

Hey, I’m Jamie.

I’m currently a senior Journalism student from UST. I want to say I like writing features more but I think I do better in news.


I love anything related to art⎯books, calligraphy, watercolor, photography, videography, sketching, doodling⎯but not entirely an expert. I also try to bake once in a while. I did almost everyday before but then I started getting bigger, so I thought, “stahpp”.

I’ve been writing since Facebook blog days but never consistent. But it was during that time (and after transferring to Multiply) when I realized I wanted to write, and write good. So here I am, trying to revive this blog.

I’ve also been to Tumblr, Blogspot, and LiveJournal.

People often misinterpret my resting bitch face. But really, I’m a nice person… well, in general.

You can reach me through my e-mail: jamieleonida@gmail.com

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