Cubao XYZ

A few Saturdays ago, Kim and I went to Cubao. I was literally in need of a friend. Weird how I can ask for somebody’s company and not tell them why. Kim kept pushing me to spill the beans but I just cannot. Something I have to learn.

I needed an adventure. I needed to indulge myself with something new so I could forget what I wanted to forget that moment. Some people knew why but when it comes to my grade school friends, it feels so difficult to share stuff because our friendship is about laughing and laughing more in between. Only finding out news from our lives days (or even weeks) after the occurrence.

So anyway, we went to Cubao X that day. I was super excited to finally visit the place. I hear it all the time during gig plugs. And I heard about the vintage finds they have. I was already falling in love with vintage, by the looks of it. We went inside some shop to look at cute accessories and displays. We wanted to enter Heima. Unfortunately, it was closed because of a photo shoot happening inside at that time. The furniture and all those floral vintage blahh were something I was looking for. It sucks that I only had a view of the store from the outside. We also went inside this store, which was located in the far-end of Cubao X. It was by accident that we stumbled upon the place. And boy, was I happy. There were lots of super nice portraits and paintings, that I would’ve bought if only I have the money. I should probably bring my Mom there!

It was already drizzling. Kim got attracted to the interior of Sweet Ecstasy so we went inside to check more things out. They sell different kinds of cookies and milk. The Butterscotch and Bacon was so good! I know bacon can be everybody’s staple food (even my own) but I was against the idea of mixing it with other sweet tasting food, like the cupcake I saw on TV before. But contrary to the aforementioned disliking of mine, I loved the cookie! It was just right. The sweetness and salty-ness (forgive me, I am no food critic) were complementing. Also, it was cheep thinking that the cookie was big. Kim also ordered Maltesers and a chocolate milk. She said it was also yummy! I didn’t get to taste it though. Boo. We were so overwhelmed by the place, we took too many pictures. Pang-DP namin, ha ha!

We checked out the second floor of the store. I love how they put up artworks and paintings for their design. I even thought about celebrating my birthday there. A birthday fully loaded with milk and cookies. Why not, right? The girl who was tending the place told us that they also serve alcoholic drinks. And imported ones at that. Cookies and alcohol? Ha ha! Pwede ba?

I will definitely come back there. I’ll just go fill my pocket with lots of money. Hee hee.

Charlie Chan Chicken Chasta

Monday of Holy Week, I spent the day with Chichi and Cye in Trinoma. Humiliating part of that day started when I found out that I left my wallet at home. Papa gave us our bus fare so we got to Trinoma without knowing that we have no money except for the P60. I got aware of it when we were already paying for Chichi’s beach ball in Toys R Us. Thankfully, I have this awesome friend who treated us to dinner and even bought the ball. It was the first time it happened in my entire life and I will never ever forget to bring it again!

She treated us with these delicious food in Yellow Cab!

Manhattan Meatlovers. Cye only bought a 10″ pizza because she ordered more. LOL.

Hot wings! My favorite. :> I love anything spicy.

Charlie Chan Chicken Chasta, lol I meant Pasta. As requested too! :>

Twice-Baked Potato Halves which Cye loves!

When we were asking Chichi what she wanted to eat, she said she wants Mcdonald’s. She was so masungit and didn’t like talking to us while we waited for our order. She was insisting on eating at Mcdo even if we were already seated there. Then we tried telling her that if she doesn’t like what she will eat, then we’ll buy her something at Mcdo. But we all almost finished the food. We were only three, have I told you that? What we ordered were for four people. Physically, we were only two and one half. But this is what REALLY happened, hahahaha:

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