I find it unbelievable whenever I go to establishments where those employed are just as old as I am.

I used to go with my parents to banks, malls, supermarkets, where I literally look up to people and think, how old can she be? Or wow she’s so good at what she’s doing, maybe she’s old enough to be that good.

And now the time has come that those who are working in restaurants, stores, are those who are actually part of my generation.

I’m still scared of growing old.

I dread the time when it’ll be my turn to work.

Despite that though, I should ready myself for whatever is going to come.

After all, it’s something I can never escape from.

Haaaaayyy diploma.

I’ve learnt not to hold myself back.

If I miss somebody, I try to message them so they know.

It was weird to be in UST the other day and not see any familiar faces. I missed my friends’ voices in the hallway screaming my name. Arielle was the only one I got to see.

I miss having people around.

I just feel like I’ve been missing so many people. I also feel like I’ve been missing so many chances and opportunities.

Chances and opportunities to tell them how much I long for their company.