I’ve always wanted to write, shoot, and post my own “What’s In Your Bag?” And last night I thought of finally doing it! But this time, it’s the school bag version. (Forgive me for the lousy lighting and editing.)

  1. Blogberry 12/13 so I’d look organized. Hee hee. Actually, if you open my planner, you’ll see scribbles and some written thoughts which makes it look like a diary. Sometimes I write, sometimes I don’t. Also, you will see at the last page all my post-its. Cutesy and solid color ones.
  2. Collection of handouts and notebook fillers I’ve accumulated this summer class. I can’t believe we actually had readings for my classes this summer semester. And I love notebook fillers because they’re very light rather than bringing the whole notebook. I just leave the fillers for the subjects I won’t take for the day.
  3. A fan! The Philippine weather is too hot to handle. Lol.
  4. Bath & Body Works Pear Blossom from my cousin and my niece’s Baby Bench Bubble Gum so that I’ll smell good once in a while. I’m really not a perfume person. I don’t smell bad, though, if that’s what you’re thinking.
  5. Judge Bubble Gum for mouth refresher, I really should just buy Tic Tac or something else. And my school ID which doesn’t really belong in my bag because I wear it all the time. The Nikon lanyard was given by my friend Kim, maybe I need to change it already, eh?
  6. G-Tech 0.3 in black and G-Tech 0.4 in red. My handwriting depends mostly on the pen I use. It should be really thin. I hate messy notes. Also my Faber Castell pencil and eraser which I got from my niece, who is such a pencil addict. She has too many! Too many!!
  7. Yes, I can be a girl sometimes. And just for emergency purposes, I really don’t use makeup in school that much. The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Tint (na ubos na,) NYX Xtreme Lip Cream Spicy, MAC Gem of Roses (from my sister,) Burt’s Bees Pink GrapefruitRefreshing Lip Balm (which is also from my sister,) and Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream (no, not from Ate, bought it myself this time ha ha!)
  8. Stabilo Cool Swing Highlighter in all colors−no, I don’t have the pink one anymore. My friend borrowed it from me and never got it again. Poor pink baby.
  9. I should’ve put this first, don’t you think? Ha ha! Anyway, I got this Charles & Keith handbag as a Christmas gift from my very beautiful sister last year.


My mom gets mad at me for bringing too heavy stuff. She says that I should just use a sako for school so that they won’t have to waste money buying bags that I just “wreck.” This batch is already heavy, sometimes with my umbrella (that I hate bringing) and my bottle of water, what more if I have in my bag the things for the regular semester. The books, other materials… But they love me too much, they can’t say no when I ask for a bag.

Come to think of it, I’m not the type of person who asks for the things I need if, and only if, they’re not worn out yet. So sometimes, even my schoolbag is used for going out. See how resourceful I really am? Hihi.

photo (1)

The only problem I have with my bag is organizing. I used to bring a set of colored pens and put them in a transparent pouch along with my other pens. I removed the colored pens, put them in a cylinder, and then forgot about placing the remaining ones in the pouch. I don’t even remember now where the small bag is.

I also don’t have a kikay kit or even a wallet! I know right? Good thing my bag has three pockets. One for the cosmetics, for my writing stuff, and my money. I think I should take note of this, will buy them when we shop for my niece’s school materials.

Toodles ;)