Faraway Friday: Flying Back Home

Note: Video at the end of this post.

A year ago, you would likely see me enjoying the company of my grade school friends Christian and Kim. In fact, the primary reason why I have Blogs>Diary Entry>FRIENDS under my menu is because they are constantly with me, whether it’s a fancy dinner or even our favorite isaw and the likes. But as they say, nothing is permanent in this world and Christian went to the states for good. (Click the comment section to read my long ass message lol)


On the day he left, I cried so much that I ended up looking like a red tomato and my eyes were all puffy. I was so sad that I didn’t get to hug him for one last time. Our village was just five minutes away from their subdivision but it was raining so hard. The lightning and thunder didn’t help and even scared the hell out of me. A few days after that, I remember getting really sad while on my way home because I thought about eating out and inviting him and Kim; he was already so far away.

Fast forward to today, I would see him on Snapchat in L.A. or San Diego one day and another in Hong Kong. But imagine to our surprise when he was suddenly back home!


AHHH! Reunited!

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Diary of a Non-Traveller

I wrote this short article for our magazine which we submitted as a project for our Desktop Publishing class:

Travelling was never on top of my family’s priorities, so I guess it is the same reason why I never longed for wandering. Writing this down is hard because the farthest place I’ve been to is Baguio; and it was for my senior retreat in high school.

Or maybe because leaving the country had always been about Mama going abroad for work.

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