Friday’s 10 Happy Things: Keeping Up

Skipped a couple of Friday Happy Things but I’m back to writing again!!

I really don’t know why I keep having writer’s block when I have so much topic in mind. What’s happening life?

But lets skip that and lets just list down 10 awesome things about this week (and a few from the other ones)!

  1. I saw Gerald Anderson, Enrique Gil, Enchong Dee, Liza Soberano, and a lot of good-looking celebrities in one week. Our office is just above the dressing rooms of ABS and gahhh the fangirl in me is so happy. Liza is officially my girl crush.
  2. Getting my works published on the website! I have so much to learn still but I’m just grateful I see what I wrote on a legit website, it makes my heart happy. (This blog is legit, but that’s legit legit! HAHAHA!)
  3. Trying out Coffee Tea and Symphony’s Mint Mocha! I love anything mint chocolatey!
  4. Awkward’s teaser is making me sad and happy both at the same time. I’m excited to watch them again but dreading to do so as well because it means I have lesser and lesser episodes to watch.
  5. Getting offered free hosting! Nakakahiya but who can’t resist? Huhu. #torn
  6. Fighting my fear of asking (something about rejection) information about the restaurants I’m writing about. And taking snaps of the places! (The banner is a photo I shot at D’Cream Coffee and Tea.) Oooh productivity! (These are mostly writing bla bla, I know.)
  7. Writing this in the middle of another article I’m working on. Hahahaha! (What is procrastinator!)
  8. Finding out there are other free downloadable filters for VSCo. Hello HB2!Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 5.43.42 PM
  9. Finding out I can purchase other paid filters of VSCo through my Globe plan. This one’s really tempting! But before I do that, I think I should pay my P400 extra internet unbilled charges. Lagot ako kay Mama! Hahahaha!
  10. Having another post! Because the last one was days ago.

Yayyy weekend!

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How do I even begin with my stories?

Written on March 19, 2013:

Sometimes I wish I’m Jenna Hamilton from MTV’s Awkward. Whenever she’s in front of her laptop and typing, she has too many things to say. Too many stories to tell…

Am I boring? Is it because nothing interesting is happening in my life? Or am I not contented?

I’ve been on and off Facebook and Twitter lately. I have so many things in my mind, that’s for sure. But I don’t feel the need to post or tweet about it like I always do before. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. Even this blog is such a big problem. Back in high school, I did blogs almost everyday.

How do I even begin with my stories?


I imagined the gun shot sound when I typed the period on my title. Huh.

Have you seen the show? If you haven’t and you’re a High School tweener then you should. I’m in college alright. I kind of got affected with it. But you know, if only I could go back to High School, I will be doing these things:

  1. Be conscious about my weight. I wasn’t that fat when I was in my freshman year. In fact, in one of our games during an intramural, I wore my old jersey shorts because I forgot to bring my sweat pants. See? I pulled it off not ’cause of the legs, but also because I killed the game. Well.. not much. ;)
  2. Be more friendly. I wasn’t anti-social. I just look mataray to most people. And I was too comfortable to having only girl friends around. I wish I got to be more sociable when it came to guys. Guy best friends are the bomb. I mean, if they judge how I look, I wouldn’t think that they’re trying to sabotage me or what. Though I’m not saying that my girl friends do. :p
  3. Read more. I got into reading halfway through high school. I was a reader back in grade school but I wasn’t really a book worm. I like reading road signs but to hold a book and jump into the story of it making me forget reality wasn’t much of my thing back then.
  4. Studied more. The only subjects I didn’t take seriously were Filipino and Science. I never got in those subject’s top 10! When I was gradually falling apart from my academics, I was still on top. I was somewhere between top 10 to 24. Lol. And I don’t study for exams. My listening skill was the main reason I passed (or not.) I was pretty active with recitations and opinion sharing but I was such a failure when it came to quizzes and the like. First year life was the best because I never thought I’ll be able to bag top 3 with all the shortness that I did. Thinking about it makes me realize that what if I was consistent, will I be able to get in UP, Ateneo or La Salle?
  5. Learnt to forgive. Because walking away with your pride will take you nowhere. Actually, it will lead you somewhere.. to loneliness! Who wants friends agitated with the past?
  6. Fall in love more and more. Not just with a guy that will sweep you off your feet, but also with the life you have. High school only happens once in your life. All the things you do, you can never go back to correcting them. Though you can start anew, you must restart immediately. Because postponement is just procrastination. And procrastination is shitty. Take all the chances you can get. Audition for that play. Join the varsity team. Write for your school paper. Say sorry to that friend you’ve been meaning to talk to. Smile at that guy you’re eyeing, it doesn’t matter if he likes you back.. what’s more important is he knows you exist. ;)
  7. Keep a journal. Actually, I did this. I had my online journal. There was a time when I went back from my first ever post to the latest one. So you can never ever forget all the good memories you had with your friends. :)

Just keep reminding yourself you’re good and that nobody has the right to call you anything. You just have to mind your own business and let them whine about how your positivity weighs them down to their negativity.