Fee gaahhh row!

Most of my batchmates in high school are graduating this school year. They are all busy with their on-the-job-training, thesis, major subjects and yada yada yada. I wouldn’t know because I’m not yet in that level. No bitterness there, friends. Ha ha!

But I’m glad that I still get to hang out with them. Them = Shiela and Kim (blog post with Kim will follow shortly, heehee) The others are not that good enough with time management. Echos!

Some Fridays ago, Shiela and I hanged out in Figaro Malate. It was my first time to try this coffee shop and I immediately liked their blueberry muffin! Anything blueberry is likable, may I just add.

Shiela chose Little Oscar on our second visit. She already told me about purchasing it once we come back but all along, when I first heard “Little Oscar” up to the time I saw the label in their store, I thought Shiela was talking about a different shop.

I initially wanted to post this along with my little adventure with Kim but that will mean a picture heavy post.

And because it was Shiela’s birthday last Friday, a little story about what happened that day…

I have a 5-hour break because of the gap of my two classes every Friday. It was okay, in a way, because I get to see my college barkada. But they go back to regular programming (haha, to their classes) at 12 noon leaving me all by myself (don’t wanna be…) I texted She so I can get to spend my break with somebody. And I went there last Friday. I texted her that I was just going to buy my lunch and she even asked me to buy a sandwich for her and will pay me when I get there. I came. Went inside their apartment. Sat down. Ate. And then She said… “Kamusta na pala yung birthday ni Chichi?” I was super shocked because it suddenly hit me that it is her birthday.

What a friend, right?