22 on the 27th: A Wish List

I have only six days to go before I can sing “I don’t know ’bout you but I’m feeling 22!”

Time is so fast! I remember thinking to myself when I was 10 that I want to turn 13 already because I get jealous of teenage girls who go around the mall without their parents. I would watch them from a far while I nod to whatever Mama and Ate said. And suddenly, I was seventeen and didn’t want to turn 18 because that meant being an adult. Four years after, I still don’t see myself as one and am still scared of the real world.

I wanted to make a 22 things about myself like what Corinth and Jhanz did on their blogs but I will post that on the day of my birthday. So here we go first, 22 things I’d like to receive on the 27th. Divided them into four categories so it’s organized.


The kaartehan essentials

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Time stand still

The obligatory camera selfie.

I finally found the time to write. Well, I do have time to spare, but no energy to do so.

I honestly thought blogging would be more fun and addicting now that I have a camera of my choice. I got a Canon 70D by the way. There’s a story behind it.

Mama and I are the usual mother-daughter when it comes to arguing. And I’ve been telling her I need a camera most especially because my course is media-related. That Sunday, she told me to go with her to the mall to meet up with my sister’s coworker from Singapore. She also told me that we would look at cameras. Being the person who doesn’t like getting disappointed by the simplest thing, I told her I’d rather stay at home than go there and walk away from the cameras. Mama decided to leave and went to the mall with my niece. A few hours after, my phone was ringing. Mother was calling and was asking what model I wanted because they were “just looking around.” I said I wanted the 60D. I put the phone downnd looked for Canon’s website and found out that there’s a new one in the market which takes after the 60D. Fast forward to me eventually going to the mall… She was on the phone talking to somebody and I was talking to the sales agent. He was holding the 70D and I told him I was okay with the 60D because it was cheaper but the former would be so much better. Mama just kept saying okay. And I asked her, “What do you really want me to get?” And she just said, “Is that what you want?” Of course, I chose the 70D. Later on, she found out that I opted to have the more expensive one. She thought I got the 60D but she was so hung up on the person on the other line. It’s her fault! (LOLJK I love you, Mama!)

On a serious note, I’ve been feeling unattached to the online world. I still check Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter but it gets tiring to post often. Being on the internet for almost 11 years is pretty, for the lack of a better word, tiring. Sometimes, I just feel like nobody will care. I honestly felt like deleting that chunk of a paragraph that I just wrote above. But word vomit is my intention so I won’t. I’ll leave you all with photos I took which, I believe, are beautiful.

Good night! <3




My mother has too many beautiful flowers in her garden <3

After reading the second to the last sentence, go back to the fourth paragraph.

Medyo teka lang ah, yung utak ko ang gulo ngayon. Alam mo yung, I see what you did there but you really didn’t mean to do so. Alam mo yun? May sira ata yung utak ko. Ewan ko ba.

The past days, my oven of a brain pops more thoughts than expected. For what, you may ask. For a lot of things. My possible portfolio that I will be using for future student orgs I would like to join in. Sensible ideas I couldn’t manage to solidify to establish this blog. The growing gap between the rich and the poor, more like Magnum vs. THE dirty ice cream. People leaving. TV Series. Books. Summer classes. Friends. Trust issues. Camera. Money. Losing weight. My grades. An upgrade.

You know how odd it seems that I should be relaxing right now and enjoying my vacation and being nonsense (well for once, I can manage to justify losing sense) but I seem to be exhausted with all the thinking and proving that I have more than anything to do and accomplish.

I’m still thinking of worthy files to be included in my portfolio. Not yet doing my portfolio.

So somehow, this blog can have a direction and be artsy enough for my own eyes. I can give you any topic in a snap of a finger but how well will I be able to pull it off? I want to be famous, okay. Not aahhh-I-am-your-fan kind of crazy famous. I just want to be known for doing something. Or writing something. Or just being something.

Not because I climb my way up to the social ladder by bragging about buying Magnum. Come on people, don’t be too wary of the ice cream’s presumptive status. What about us, who studied Rachel Bilson’s commercial of Magnum even before the product came to the Philippines, who were too jealous of that chocolate-coated ice cream? People try things they are curious with. They tweet it or share it on Facebook not because they feel like people will bow down to them but because they want to share what they think about it. Not just the product but some more things.

So then I started leaving the thought of judgmental people after trying the three flavors. And then I realized, people now are also leaving. I want to stay in the Philippines, who’s with me? I can travel in between my stays and just watch from a distance how the world looks like, and how people live.

Then I watch television shows. I’ve been delayed for two weeks with my TV series. I’m trying to finish One Tree Hill so I’ll be able to download the last episode of the show together with all the fans.

After that, I can finish reading my books.

Before summer classes start.

And I still need to ask my friends which subjects I’m taking with them.

Trust Issues. Hmmm.. next blog.

Camera’s still nonexistent. I still have none. They’re complaining that what I want is too expensive, but I’m after the features.

Sometimes I wish I have lots of money so that I wouldn’t need to ask from Mama and Ate. And so I could go out everyday.

And enroll myself in a gym to start losing weight. Or buy myself the equipment I need for jogging. A trusty weather proof jacket for rainy morning, like the one earlier, and an iPod to strap in my wiggly arms. Lol.

Then I think about my grades being my last ticket to getting all the things that I need. And want. How will I get an upgrade if I my grades don’t even deserve them, right? I need to upgrade this laptop most especially to be able to start with my portfolio which may need a faster proccessor. Or a Macbook at that.

You are now on loop, did you get it? :)