So much for FRIENDSHIP.

I judge other people, I don’t have to hide that. But aren’t we all like that? I mean, first impression is human nature. But being friends is a different story.

I have different kinds of groups of friends (that has a lot of s!) I have my grade school friends, my ready-to-do-anything friends (who I used to go home with and hang out after class in high school), my intelligent friends (who are all from the cream section), my girly friends (who are all about looking good), gig friends (who I go with during band gigs), those from the higher batches and so on and so forth. And now, BRATZXSS (exxage, hindi ganyan spell!) my AB barkada. So how am I as a friend?

I’m the type who will be there when you need me. I help my friends whether they need it for school stuff or they just need an advice.

I am very patient. There are people who can attest to that. Say for example my friend, Joy’cee, who made me wait for almost 3 hours. Or my most favorite gay friend, Orange, who I helped shop in a big store – Forever 21 – even if my feet were sore from my heels and I wasn’t feeling well (as in nilalagnat na ako!) Or my frenemy, Aia, who I had a fight with and we talked via SMS and I was calm the whole time (I have this feeling kokontra siya dito! :P)

Though even after all the good things I can think of (Akala mo ang dami naman!), there are still a lot bad things people hate me for. But why do I have to complain about that? I have the most understanding true friends!

Orange’s kwento while we were in Yosi Lane was also my situation before. People not caring just because you weren’t there. But it’s a lot different now. The opposite of used-to-be’s.

Srsly, I don’t know where this blog post will lead to. I just really felt like saying something because I feel blessed to have such friends. Like what I earlier said, I’m not perfect and I also have a not-so-nice side. And my friends are there to understand that and accept my flaws plus remind me things I shouldn’t be doing plus help me change the wrong things which aren’t acceptable.

I usually have an ending remark, but right now I feel no words coming in, instead an overwhelming feeling from them. Oh well! I just really hope this lasts long. Or if it isn’t too much to ask, maybe forever? :)

P.S. Hate me? Go! I don’t mind. I don’t have to adjust for those who I don’t even talk to or those who don’t even know my middle initial. (LABOO!) It’s not my fault that you feel so affected with my life. HAH! ;)