My first three rolls of film with my Holga 120N were a series of failures. My only problem with it was the bulb switch. I got so confused. When I googled it, I found out that I should’ve used B for night time and N for daylight because of its 1/100 shutter speed. That was why my indoor photos were dark and the outdoor ones were so bright.

But nevertheless I think the photos below can pass as lomography photos. I got into double exposures and somehow managed to create “artsy” enough images. LOL.

Photos were taken in 2012


Posting this so I have pictures under the Photography > Film tab. I’m still looking for the photos I took with my Nikon N65 (for our Photojournalism class) which were put in a CD when we had them developed. Most times I think that having this light Macbook Air is better without the CD-Rom but sometimes I think otherwise.

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